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I am more powerful than Charles Norris!!!! [Jun. 23rd, 2008|01:01 am]
[Current Location |KENYA!!!]
[mood |shockedAWESOME]
[music |Me kicking everyone's ass, ALL THE TIME!!!]

I have harnessed the power of 400 babies!!! The other day, I was goin so fast Mother Nature was like "Slooooow dooooown..." and I was like "FUCK YOU!!!" and kicked her in the face with my ENERGY LEGS!!! I'm like a fighter jet made of biceps!!! I WIN AT YELLING!!!!!! I also win at eating, jumping, and waving, all kinds of things you're not even supposed to be able to win at, and I can turn invisible, which doesn't even make any sense, because Superman is a little BITCH!!!! Yesterday I was even riding a pony, which doesn't sound that exciting, except that the pony was 300 FEET TALL and covered in CHAINSAWS, and the only way to get up to it was to ride an elevator filled with 16 LIVE COUGARS, which is an actual sport in LATIN AMERICA!!! Which is in France.