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seeking endarkenment--enlightenment sucks

18 March 1981
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uhh... I'm an eclectic Wiccan with strong esoteric philosophies, I'm in a committed relationship (sorry ladies, i know it breaks your collective heart...), i geek out on mtg, d&d, & my newest hobby, collecting share-, free-, & abandon-ware games from bygone eras... i weigh in at an impressive 187 lbs. , brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, stained soul...... i promise I'll get a pic of me doing something or other of a dramatic nature soon....
Hmm... Out of the Army. Bad roads, mistakes, the road less traveled, all that sort of shit, commingling with new discoveries of new horizons, adventures, growth, change, beauty, and self revision. Maybe a new hybridization of internal philosophies is in order, in light of pro-creative developments in sphere of reality. If you've kept in touch with me, every word will have made perfect sense; if you haven't, or weren't paying attention, fill in whatever meaning you deem fitting.